Welcome to the Obesity Canada education hub, your primary source for cutting-edge, up-to-date education and training on obesity management and prevention. Our wide array of training programs endeavors to enhance your comprehension of the intricacies, difficulties, and strategies within the multifaceted realm of obesity.

Each training available on our platform is thoughtfully curated and consistently updated to incorporate the latest scientific research and best practices rooted in the Canadian Adult Clinical Practice Guidelines. Whether you aspire to obtain the Certified Bariatric Educator (CBE) formal designation, or you are just starting your education journey in obesity management, you will discover a course that perfectly aligns with your specific interests, needs, and requirements.

Introductory Courses

Embark on your journey in obesity management with Obesity Canada’s introductory education courses tailored specifically for healthcare professionals who are at the early stages of their training. Our comprehensive curriculum offers a solid foundation in understanding the complexities of obesity, equipping you with the necessary knowledge to address this chronic disease.

Intermediate Courses

Our intermediate courses provide a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of obesity management, empowering you to deliver optimal care to individuals affected by obesity. Take the next step in your professional development with Obesity Canada and make a lasting impact in the field of obesity management.

Advanced Courses

Unleash the power of behavior change in your practice and drive improved patient outcomes with Obesity Canada’s advanced education courses. Designed exclusively for healthcare professionals seeking to make a tangible impact, our advanced curriculum equips you with practical tools and strategies to effect meaningful behavior changes in the context of obesity management. Explore advanced motivational interviewing techniques, cognitive-behavioral interventions, and evidence-based approaches to enhance patient engagement and adherence. Gain invaluable insights from experienced practitioners and learn how to tailor interventions to meet individual needs effectively.

  • 7 Lessons

    Calibre: Cohort 4

    To take this course your professional license must be in good standing, and verification must be provided.  To be eligible for professional credits, you must…

Expert Courses

Designed exclusively for healthcare professionals seeking to specialize in specific areas of obesity management, our expert courses offer a profound exploration of advanced topics utilizing cutting-edge research.

International professionals have the chance to take the Certified Bariatric Educator examination and demonstrate their expertise through Obesity Canada. While we cannot grant the formal designation, successful candidates will receive a certification of completion for the exam, acknowledging their achievement.

Available Designations

Distinguish yourself as a leader in the field of obesity management with Obesity Canada’s Certified Bariatric Educator (CBE) formal designation. This prestigious designation is designed for healthcare professionals who aspire to be recognized experts in obesity management and education. By earning the CBE designation, you showcase your specialized knowledge and commitment to delivering exceptional care to individuals affected by obesity. Take the next step in your career and become a Certified Bariatric Educator with Obesity Canada, empowering you to provide exceptional care and support to individuals on their weight management journey.