Obesity Education

The courses found on this site have been developed by obesity experts for

physicians and allied healthcare professionals

to improve their understanding, knowledge and care of obesity. 

Obesity is manageable in primary care. We can help.

Since our establishment in 2007, Obesity Canada has been a leader in providing practice-changing continuing education on obesity care for healthcare professionals. Our new learning pathway is developed in line with our 2020 Clinical Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines, and features online courses suitable to any primary care provider’s comfort and knowledge level. Modules tailored to the learning needs of medical specialties are on the way, and we will return to in-person learning as soon as pandemic realities allow. 

Check out our current courses and certifications below. Questions?

Reach out to us at learn@obesitynetwork.ca


What Participants Have To Say: 


I absolutely loved that the client voice was included in all presentations. That was so powerful and it kept me grounded after getting into my science based head for the presenter and then having the client experience there brought me back to remembering all of this is about THE person.

Canadian Obesity Summit attendee 

Great organization. Warm tones. Broad diversity of presenters.

Canadian Obesity Summit attendee 

I loved how intimate the group was. It was not intimidating. 

Learning Retreat attendee 

This conference was by far one of the most impactful for me. Including the client voice was so different than anything I have seen before.

Canadian Obesity Summit attendee 
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