Efficient, effective obesity care is doable. We can help.

Obesity Canada is a leader in providing practice-changing continuing education on obesity care for healthcare professionals. Our new learning pathway has been developed to help family and primary care physicians, specialists and allied health professionals incorporate key aspects of our 2020 Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines into your practice.   

We offer online, in-person and hybrid learning modules suitable to any comfort and experience level. Modules tailored to the learning needs of specific medical specialities are on the way, and we will return to in-person learning as soon as pandemic realities allow. Information on accreditation is noted, where applicable, in course descriptions. Click below to learn more. 

  Introduction to Obesity Advancing Obesity Managament Program (AOMP) Canadian Advanced Learning in Bariatric Care (CALIBRE) Certified Bariatric Educator Designation (CBE)
What is it? A short, online introduction to the science of obesity and how it can be managed. An online learning course featuring 10 modules and additional videos from an interprofessional panel of obesity experts highlight important and emerging issues with obesity management. An in-depth course on obesity care for Healthcare Professionals working in a variety of settings. Learn online at your own pace AND connect with experts in real time. A designation that signifies specialized knowledge of and competency in the principles of evidence-based, patient-centred obesity management. Format: 120-question examination.
Who is it for? Clinicians who want to begin to advance their knowledge and skills in obesity management. Prerequiste for inclusion in Obesity Canada’s Obesity Care Locator. Allied health professionals working in primary care who want to learn at their own pace. CALIBRE is lazer-focused on providing practical knowledge and skills for all facets of quality obesity care. Healthcare professionals who want to demonstrate their leadership and skills in obesity care.
Prerequisites None None None Yes
Time Approx. 1 Hour 10 Hours (1 Hour/module) Approx. 15 Hours 3 Hours
Accredited No Yes Yes Obesity Canada designation. Must recertify after 5 years.
Price Free $495* Plus Tax $799* No Tax $450* No Tax
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*All prices in CDN$
**Subject to change 

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