Chronic Disease in the Workplace: A Formula for Employee Well-being and Organizational Success 

Nicole Pearce · March 31, 2024

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This course delves into the significant impact of chronic diseases, with a spotlight on obesity, on Canadian workplaces. Highlighting that 45% of Canadians live with a chronic disease, and emphasizing obesity as a prevalent issue, it underscores the importance of addressing these conditions not only for the sake of individual health but also for organizational productivity and success.

The presentation reveals the stark costs of chronic disease in the workplace, which is associated with lost productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism, insurance costs, and disability, which collectively challenge the Canadian economy and workplace dynamics. It also reviews the legal responsibilities for employers regarding employees with chronic diseases. Finally, it highlights the pervasive issue of weight bias and its detrimental effects on employment opportunities and employee well-being and thus the need for workplaces to actively ensure they are reducing and eliminating workplace discrimination directed at individuals with obesity.

Dr. Lee-Baggley proposes actionable strategies for organizations to improve their approach to managing chronic diseases in the workplace. These go beyond just supporting the individual in healthy habits and describe ways in which organizations can target cultural and organizational factors that can also impact employee well-being. The presentation is grounded in scientific research and offers practical steps for employers to create a more inclusive, productive, and healthy workplace environment, thereby achieving organizational success.

This course is essential for employers, HR professionals, and employees interested in understanding and addressing the impacts of chronic diseases, particularly obesity, in the workplace. It offers invaluable insights for those looking to foster a supportive and inclusive environment, enhance employee well-being, and improve organizational success through informed policies and practices.

This course was co-developed between Dr. Dayna Lee Baggley and Obesity Canada.

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  • Dayna Lee Baggley Ph.D Clinical Psychology

Founder and CEO, Dr. Lee-Baggley and Associates (Evidence-based workplace wellness solutions)

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University

Adjunct Professor, Psychology Department, Saint Mary’s University

  • Nicole Pearce, PMC, CPC(HC)

Obesity Canada

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