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OC Connect Pro

Join likeminded healthcare professionals online in OC Connect Pro

OC Connect Pro is an online community forum to ask obesity related questions.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Obesity Canada?

Obesity Canada-Obésité Canada (OC) is Canada’s national registered charity working to promote evidence-based approaches for obesity prevention, treatment and policy. Our mission is to improve the lives of Canadians through obesity research, education and advocacy. OC works with Canadian and international experts, an army of passionate patient advocates and private- and public-sector partner organizations to right the historic wrongs that people living with obesity have faced. These include disparities in access to health and wellness support as well as in the workplace, the media, in school and at home. OC is Canada’s official representative in the World Obesity Federation (WOF), an umbrella organization for 52 national obesity associations, representing 56 countries.


How is Obesity Canada funded?

As Obesity Canada-Obésité Canada (OC) is a registered charity, all our financial reporting can be viewed on the Canada Revenue Agency website, here. Obesity Canada-Obésite Canada’s 2019 Annual Report can be found here. You can view a list of our current FOCUS partners on the Obesity Canada website, here. Our partnership policies can be found here.


What does Obesity Canada do?

Obesity Canada-Obésité Canada (OC) mission to improve the lives of Canadian’s living with obesity through Research, Education, and Advocacy. You can find more about specific projects on the Obesity Canada website, here

For people living with obesity: Peer-support community (OC-Connect), educational resources, workshops, conferences, advocacy. 

For Health Professionals: Educational resources, e-Learning, conferences, workshops, preceptorships and fellowships to ensure continued training in evidence-based obesity prevention and treatment, from physical activity to bariatric surgery. Updating clinical practice guidelines.

For Established Researchers: Opportunities to work on collaborative trans-disciplinary research initiatives and faculty exchanges.

For Students and New Professionals: Training programs, Internship opportunities (Accelerate Program – see flyer) with leading obesity researchers and clinicians and Travel Awards (funding to attend various conferences and workshops)

For Non-Profit Organizations: Key partnerships in developing research and treatment policies for obesity.

For Industry: Access to researchers, research populations, test markets and opportunities to get involved with cutting-edge obesity projects that can lend themselves to possible commercialization.

For Government and Policy Makers: Access to data for health care planning to reduce healthcare and economic costs related to obesity.


Does Obesity Canada endorse any programs or products?

Obesity Canada-Obésité Canada (OC) does not endorse any commercial programs or products, nor do we endorse publicly or privately provided healthcare services.


Can I download the Obesity Canada online tools for free?

Yes, the tools and resources available on our website are free. Please provide appropriate credit to Obesity Canada where possible. Ensure you are aware of all copyright licenses for the resources/tools you are using. If you are unsure, please email us at


Are there copyright and/or legal conditions attached to the use of your free tools? (i.e.: “5As” or the Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines)

Yes. The Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guideline chapters, tools, videos and slide decks are under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) which you can review here.

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