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Welcome to Obesity Canada, where we strive to provide healthcare professionals like you with the latest and most effective education on obesity care. We are committed to helping you incorporate key aspects of the Canadian Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines into your practice, so you can provide your patients with the best care possible.

Our online, in-person and hybrid learning options are tailored to your comfort and experience level, ensuring that you get the most out of your training. We are constantly developing training programs that cater to the specific needs of medical specialties, so you can be confident that you’re getting the most relevant education possible.

Some of our courses are accredited, and we make sure to note the accreditation in the course descriptions.

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Our Unique Approach

At Obesity Canada, we’ve developed a foundational, longitudinal learning pathway that meets you where you are in your learning journey. We’re constantly building upon this pathway, ensuring that you have access to the latest and most effective education. Take a look at our pathway for healthcare professionals, and join us on this exciting journey towards better obesity care.

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