Professional Education

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Obesity Canada is a leader in providing practice-changing continuing education on obesity care for healthcare professionals. Our learning pathway has been developed to help you as family and primary care physicians, specialists and allied health professionals incorporate key aspects of the Canadian Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines into your practice.   

We offer online, in-person and hybrid learning suitable to your comfort and experience level. Training programs tailored to the learning needs of specific medical specialities are on the way. Information on accreditation is noted, where applicable, in course descriptions. 

Open Courses

  • 5 Lessons

    Introduction to Obesity

    Introduction to Obesity Who it’s for: Physicians and allied health professionals who are seeking to gain a basic understanding of obesity care. Structure and time…
  • 6 Lessons

    Calibre: Cohort 3

    To take this course your professional license must be in good standing, and verification must be provided.  To be eligible for professional credits, you must…

Obesity Canada has developed a foundational, longitudinal learning pathway that meets you where you are at in your learning journey. Below you will see the pathway for healthcare professionals which is consistently being built upon.